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Virtual Teams – 3 Communication Tips

January 27, 2011 by


In the sender / receiver model of communication it’s the responsibility of the sender to verify the message has been received by the receiver the way you intended.  Here are three tips. Understand that some communication loss will occur – some studies indicate that over 90% of communication is through non-verbal cues (tone of voice, […]

Virtual Teams – Conflict Resolution, Prove and Triumph

January 25, 2011 by


Prove it Maneuvering the political gauntlet through artful conversation and word-smithing will not resolve conflict.  Nothing will stop conflict the like graceful execution and control of a project that leads to on time, on budget completion. This is the area where the project management fundamentals are a focal point.  Earned value may not be glamorous, […]

Virtual Teams – Conflict Resolution, Monitor

January 24, 2011 by


The stage is set.  Successful conflict resolution now depends on actively monitoring the three essential legs – risk, environment and team.  Update the conflict elements on a weekly basis. If conflict does surface, determine the threshold for engaging the contingency plan and corrective action. Another effective way to monitor conflict is to talk about it. […]

Virtual Teams – Conflict Resolution, Evaluate the team’s pulse

January 22, 2011 by


While environmental IQ through stakeholder’s analysis addresses the outside / in part of the equation, evaluate the team’s pulses addresses the inside / out. When the two are balanced through an equal amount of attention and thought, then the conflict potential is lowered. There are two steps for knowing a teams pulse.

Virtual Teams – Conflict Resolution – Prepare

January 19, 2011 by


Conflict. The mere term evokes a strong response. In today’s environment, examples of conflict are replete: Middle East, War on Terrorism, Political Divides. Intra personal conflict also appears to be increasing. Project managers also encounter a variety of conflicts: inadequate resources, changing organizational direction, project direction, disagreement among stakeholder groups, clash with functional teams, role […]

Solving Conflicts and the PMI Code of Ethics

March 4, 2010 by


“Can you believe that guy? Sales is my area—he’s just trying to make me look bad in front of the boss.” Conflicts and disagreements are commonplace in the workplace. It is to everyone’s benefit if they are quickly resolved. The third aspirational Respect standard in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Code of Ethics and Professional […]