Horse Blanket Project Schedule

Posted on January 21, 2010 by


I first saw the term Horse Blanket in reference to project scheduling in the Project Management Institute’s Practice Standard for Scheduling. There in a flowchart for the Select Scheduling Method step, Horse Blanket is mentioned alongside Critical Path

Giddi Up!

Giddi Up! Get that Horse Blanket Schedule - it's just like herding cats!

Method and Critical Chain. The term was undefined in the book’s glossary and a search on information about Horse Blanket will lead to an abundant amount of information on equine apparel!


The Double-Tongued dictionary has the following definition: “horse blanket n. a large, complex, or comprehensive report or chart” at There are several references to large charts called Horse Blankets, especially in the military. So as one can imagine, a Horse Blanket Project Schedule is an exceptionally large chart illustrating the schedule activities.

A word of caution to our project managers, business analysts and lean six sigma black and green belts in practice. While you may find a detailed horse blanked schedule insightful and helpful, most stakeholders will not. So “tame” that schedule and provide a summary, one page GANTT chart. You can dive into your 25 page detailed MS Project or CA Clarity schedule!