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Dirty Consulting Tricks – Subletting the “talent”

October 9, 2012 by


Bait and switch.  Pitch the A team and send in the D team.  Front load the client engagement up high and deliver low.  Three consulting slang terms for subletting talent or substituting in lesser skilled or experienced talent for the one proposed for an engagement. In program and project management the engagements typically involve the […]

Dirty Consultant Tricks – Leaky Faucet of Billable Hours

October 5, 2012 by


The leaky faucet, the sieve, the bleeding of billable hours – called different things in different settings they refer to the same concept, a consulting/ contracting company or resource who piles up time and material hours.  It’s also one of three dirty consulting tricks I’ve observed first hand in the last few years.  The irony […]

Dirty Consultant Tricks – Hiding the Crystal Ball

October 3, 2012 by


Nearly four years ago we began the TAPUniversity Blog.  It’s been based on a mix of our training and consulting delivery.  The first topic was a top 10 things to do for contractors or consultants (or not do).  After a round of consulting assignments, in pharmaceutical and insurance, with other consultants alongside me, I observed […]

Consulting Pulse: Time Management – Covey’s 4 quadrants

December 14, 2009 by


Great conversation Friday with a long term colleague regarding process improvements, Lean Six Sigma, etc.  He reminded me of one of Stephen Covey’s (7 Habit’s Fame) key time management principles of the quadrant theory – that is four places we spend time on arranged by Urgency and Importance. Consulting services in 2009 found a good […]

Top 10 list for contractors

November 22, 2008 by


Rules of the road and top 10 list for contractors. I’ve found that success in growing TAPUniversity and delivering training is slightly different than success in being a “roaming Jedi, hired hand”. While there’s a lot in common there are some differences. So here’s some tips - a top "10" list if you will that may help you if you’ve found yourself joining the ranks of “contractor”. These tips are not all areas I’m perfect in — in fact I’ve stumbled on each of these at some point over the last seven years. Please feel free to add, comment and respond!