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Execution – The Art of Getting Things Done, Bossidy and Charan

February 17, 2011 by


According to Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan – Execution is the ability to mesh strategy with reality, align people with goals to achieve the promised results. I was looking at an article I wrote a few summers ago about “Execution, the Discipline of Getting Things Done”. I was trying to convey two tangible sets of […]

Fresh Air Fund

February 5, 2011 by


Sara Wilson  from the Fresh Air Fund reached out to me via email to see if I would share a little bit on the CoachDaveK blog.  I checked it out.  It’s a great concept. So am adding it to our TAPUniversity blog as well.  The Fresh Air Fund provides support to  New York City kids […]

Discrimination and the PMI Code of Ethics

March 19, 2010 by


Discrimination is behavior towards a member of a certain group based on their membership of that group rather than their individual qualities. Hiring only people of a certain race, giving certain assignments more often to either men or women, and recruiting just younger individuals are all examples of discrimination. The fourth mandatory Fairness standard in […]

Property Rights and the PMI Code of Ethics

March 17, 2010 by


Respecting both tangible things and intellectual property that do not belong to you is a matter of showing respect for the owner. The fourth mandatory Respect standard in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct ( is “3.3.4 We respect the property rights of others.” Owners, which include both individuals and […]

The Second Aspirational Honesty Standard in the PMI Code of Ethics

February 22, 2010 by


Happy birthday to George Washington! One of the most enduring folklore stories about the first President of the United States is that as a boy he chopped down his father’s cherry tree, and when his father discovered the ruined tree, George said that he could not tell a lie and so confessed his misdeed. “5.2.2 […]