Virtual Teams – Conflict Resolution, Monitor

Posted on January 24, 2011 by



monitoring, spying, even stalking - for a project managers they're all good! 😉

The stage is set.  Successful conflict resolution now depends on actively monitoring the three essential legs – risk, environment and team.  Update the conflict elements on a weekly basis. If conflict does surface, determine the threshold for engaging the contingency plan and corrective action.

Another effective way to monitor conflict is to talk about it. Validate formal reports and approvals with informal conversations.  What is the conversation or “buzz” concerning the project?  Does it even appear on the radar screen?  People outside the project team or informal stakeholders can provide a valuable source of intelligence regarding the project’s perceived success.

In the company example this article was based on, weekly monitoring helped to identify early conflict areas over role responsibility between the start-up and a large Software company (in Redmond WA – take a guess).  More than identify, it paved the way through open dialog to navigate sticky quality and beta release issues.  Daily monitoring help get the teams from Shanghai, Nebraska and Campbell California on the same page (bi-weekly meetings just didn’t cut it).