Stand up meetings – not just for software or Agile anymore

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Stand up.  Sit down.  Which is better for the team, productivity, your company?

Standing up is the primary way of doing the meeting.

Standing up is the primary way of doing the meeting.

The trend is stand up for a short burst of action and accountability among all types of business teams.  A hall-mark of rapid software development (1990’s) and Agile (manifesto in 2001 onward) the stand up meeting has progressed rapidly beyond software, to all of information technology and all of business.

No More Angling for the Best Seat; More Meetings Are Stand-Up Jobs -by Rachel Emma Silverman (2/2/2012 – WSJ online) highlights the ways this trend is impacting how business meetings are increasingly conducted.  Those meetings include the following:

  • Quick (10-15 minutes or less)
  • Standing up
  • Focus on the speaker
  • Ability to reshuffle
  • Action orientation
  • Push to the next stand-up
  • Short duration between stand-ups (no more than a day)
  • Post it notes, markers, visual capture of the action!
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