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The popcorn, chips, and drinks were ready, but we had a problem…so many choices for movie night and my sisters, cousins, and I just could not agree on which movie to watch. Becky wanted a musical, Damian wanted a war movie, Julie and Felicia were thinking about a horror movie, and I wanted a comedy. So we took a set of 10 movies that we were most interested in and we each had three votes. I chose my comedy, a horror movie, and the war movie. We ended up watching the war movie as that received the most total votes. Little did we know, this is the tool of multi-voting. In addition to selecting a movie, it can be used to narrow down a list of potential solutions, ideas, problems, etc. to determine what should receive the most attention. Multi-voting is commonly listed as a Six Sigma tool, but can obviously be applied to many situations. Although voters can be given any number of votes, giving them votes equal to about 1/3 of the choices works well.


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