Green Project Management – PMI Minnesota – 2011

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Good morning PMI Minnesota! in an effort to go green and to help your mobile access I’ve translated the Green Project Management presentation into a highlights post!  Here’s a Link to the USGBC’s & LEED as well –

CitiGroup's LEED Platinum Rated Data Center in Europe - 1st one!

Slide 2 — Why “Think Green”? 
•All systems (economic, social, etc.) depend on the link to living systems
•Our natural resources are stressed
–Deforestation, melting of icecaps, man made disasters, etc.
•Momentum is building & we are all challenged to come up with new ideas
•Regardless of your perspective regarding Global Warming, the economic impact of Energy cost is real
Slide 3  -What is Your Motivation?  You Have Choices . . .
Slide 4 – Breaking Mental Models
Slide 5 The International Scene
Slide 6 – Some Key Environmental Stewardships in the US
•Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
•Department of Energy
•Department of Transportation
•U.S. National Park Service & U.S. Fish & Wildlife
•Army Corps of Engineers
•Environment & Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice
–Handles environmental & natural resources litigation on behalf of the US
•Federal EEP Program (procurement)
•ISO 14000
Slide 7 – Why Is Greening Buildings So Important?
Slide 8 – “Green” EEFs to Consider
•Environmental stakeholders
•Risk tolerance of environmental stakeholders
•Environmental standards (government or industry) that may influence the project charter or PMP
•Project’s environmental objectives & goals/targets 
•Project’s assumptions/constraints that affect  the environment
•Environmental business case
•Data needed for environmental compliance reporting
•“Green” quotient of the existing/required infrastructure (facilities & equipment)
Slide 9 – What can I do as Project Manager?
Slide 10 – Exercise: “Getting Greener”
•List 2 processes you work with every day that you can change to be less wasteful, more energy efficient, etc.
•Select one of the above process and come up with 3 to 5 actions you will take to improve it.
Slide 11 – Life Cycle Costs Assessment (LCCA) Methodology
Slide 12 – 10 Best Practices for
“Green” Teams
1.Start with the visible & tangible: focus on internal operations
2.Get senior management involved, but don’t lose the grassroots energy
3.Engage employees to capture ideas
4.Communicate & share best practices
5.Engage employees with their bellies: the low carbon diet campaign
6.Engage employees in their personal lives
7.Engage customers to be part of the solution
8.Use art to raise awareness
9.Create a toolkit to support & guide green teams
10.Align green teams with corporate sustainability goals
Slide 13 – What Can You Do?
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
•Reduced energy consumption = cleaner air
•Reduced product consumption = less waste