Pragnalysis team announce launch of free Requirements Management Software Tool – “ReqLine”

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On medium and large scale projects, requirements management can become a difficult overhead.  Teams that rely on spreadsheet and word-processing software to create and manage requirements documents often find it difficult to maintain the traceability and inter-dependencies between requirements.   We all know the value of tracing, tracking and maintaining our requirements documents, but until now there have been very few affordable requirements management software packages available.

As well as blogging for Tap University, I am also a member of the team behind, a website which provides free BA tools and templates to the BA community.  I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of our latest initiative :  A fully functioning, open source, requirements management tool.  The tool will be completely free to use and re-distribute, and a Beta version can be downloaded and used immediately:

You can download the ReqLine Requirements Management Tool now by visiting

Full details of the tool can be found on the website, however its features include:

  • A common repository for all requirements
  • Ability to maintain individual requirements, along with their status (draft/signed off)
  • Ability to define requirements groups – releases, iterations etc
  • Reporting functionality including various dashboard-reports and the ability to export a requirements catalogue
  • Logging and monitoring of risks, issues, assumptions and dependencies
  • An intuitive way to link requirements back to high-level goals and objectives, ensuring that stakeholders consider business value throughout the project
  • Built in change-control and impact analysis functionality
  • Project glossary

It has been very exciting to have been involved in the creation of such a useful tool. ReqLine is a requirements management tool designed for BAs by BAs, and we’ve combined the experience of a number of BA practitioners to create this first Beta release.  The Beta version is a single user, single machine version – but it is anticipated that future versions would be multi-user and server based.

Please try the tool, and provide feedback directly to me or any other member of the Pragnalysis team.

For more information, please visit

I look forward to hearing from you!

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