Business Analysis Technique #4 – Business Rules Analysis

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Business Rules for a Large System

Business Rules can be fun!

Business Rules.  Universal definitions or process descriptions that transcend a single use case or process flow.  A little bit bigger than a glossary definition (such as income range, gender, ethnicity) but not quite a usage scenario in its own right.  Business rules as they’re refined, adapted and updated are invaluable requirements assets – they really can help collect and focus attention.  Customers and sponsors like them because they provide a connecting point in the IT world.  For much of the same reason developers and quality assurance team members like them because they help maintain focus and provide an opportunity to write code once, reuse many times!

Some sample business rules include:

  1. Payment receipt
  2. Payment authorization (ACH, debit, credit card)
  3. User login validation
  4. Account balance
  5. Purge record

The analysis includes creating those business rules and determining which processes benefit from their reference.  Time spent to gather and update business rules is rewarded with consistent and expedited delivery!

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