Business Analysis Technique #11 – Focus Groups

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Focus Groups – the 11th Technique listed in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge employ a skilled facilitator(s) and a small group of

Focus Group

Listen to your focus group and learn!

prospective or current customers to seek out and understand what the customer or user wants and/or how they use a product or service.  The information gathered from a focus group is powerful.  It can reorient a product’s direction or change how a product is presented.


Typically a focus group meets in person with a facilitator guiding a customer or user through a set of open-ended questions about a product or service.  The use of web panels has become an increasingly popular method and allows an organization to understand and trace a customer’s perception over time.

Focus groups are often combined with several other business analysis techniques such as brainstorming, user scenarios, nominal-group technique and usability testing.

I’ve witness the power of focus groups to alter a software’s design and even halt a new product introduction.


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