34 Business Analysis Techniques from The IIBA

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Business Rules Galore!

Chapter Nine of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®), Second Edition provides a concluding overview of thirty-four techinques used throughout business analysis and the six processes defined within the BABOK®).  I’ll highlight the most frequently used ones in my career over the next several weeks.  If one of the following techniques does not make the list, that’s OK.  It’s not meant to be a slight; rather it may be a technique that’s not used as frequently in practice, or one that we have not used in our consulting practice.

I hope you join in the conversation from Acceptance Criteria to Vendor Assessment.

  1. Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Business Rules Analysis
  5. Data Dictionary and Glossary
  6. Data Flow Diagrams
  7. Data Modeling
  8. Decision Analysis
  9. Document Analysis
  10. Estimation
  11. Focus Groups
  12. Functional Decomposition
  13. Interface Analysis
  14. Interviews
  15. Lessons Learned Process
  16. Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  17. Non-Functional Requirements Analysis
  18. Observation
  19. Organizational Modeling
  20. Problem Tracking
  21. Process Modeling
  22. Prototyping
  23. Requirements Workshops
  24. Risk Analysis
  25. Root Cause Analysis
  26. Scenarios and Use Cases
  27. Scope Modeling
  28. Sequence Diagrams
  29. State Diagrams
  30. Structured Walkthrough
  31. Survey/Questionnaire
  32. SWOT Analysis
  33. User Stories
  34. Vendor Assessment
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