Certification Exam Feedback: PMP®, CBAP®, CISA®, CISM®, CISSP®, ITIL®, CSM®, Lean Six Sigma®

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It's game day!

Certification exams for management and information technology have become a necessity for finding a job, advancing a career and validating knowledge.  Certification does not measure intelligence, work habits, team work and a myriad of additional competencies and talent needed to succeed. Sometimes they’re a necessary evil.  Other times they bring a tremendous sense of fulfillment!

Please share your recent certification exam experience.  I’ll leave this as “sticky” post for a while.

Use the following questions to help others understand your experience better:

  1. What was your certification exam?  PMP®, CBAP®, CISA®, CISM®, CISSP®, ITIL®, CSM®, Lean Six Sigma®, other?
  2. What did you do to prepare for it?
    1. Self paced or self study
    2. In person classroom
    3. Online
    4. Combination of the three
  3. What three things would you recommend others do for your particular exam?

Thank you!

David Kohrell

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