WEMSHA! – WE Make Stuff HAppen.

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WEMSHA - circa 2004... Gee those kids have grown up in 7 years, let me get a tissue! Sniff, Sniff

We make stuff happen!  Adjust some capital letters and you get WEMSHA (pronounced Whim Shaw)!  That’s been a working term for us at TAPUniversity the last several years.

A WEMSHA mindset helps keep focus among competing methodologies, approaches and flavors of the month – Agile/SCRUM, FDD, Lean, SDLC, RUP, Iterative, Incremental, Change or Plan Driven, Chaos or BPM to list a few.  They’re each good ways of getting stuff done – the number one task of a project / program manager is to determine which one to apply for a given setting, nimbly and expertly.  And not get consumed by an endless debate or crusade pursuing one to the exclusion of all others.  There are times that both a SDLC (system development lifecycle) and Agile/SCRUM driven projects are needed within the same organization.  Shocked?  You shouldn’t be, but if you are please share why.

More on WEMSHA!  In the summer of 2004 I discovered the meaning of the street we live on in Lincoln, Nebraska – Wemsha Street. Our home was built in the late 1990’s. The street was completed about two years before our home was built. Apparently the subdivision was taking its toll on the creative naming ability of its developers. The founding fathers and mothers of Lincoln, Native American tribes, letters of the alphabet and a smattering of United States presidents had long since been taken within our city. Within the twenty or so streets that feed the Regents Heights neighborhood relatives (Nancy or Eric Drive) and numbers and courts (81st) had consumed the final bit of available street names.

So, as I discovered from a very knowledgeable post office official, the developers were at a creative bypass. There was one remaining east-west street to be named. In a quandary they apparently leveraged their catch phrase “We Make Stuff Happen”. They had a different “S” word in mind.  But in keeping this blog post family friendly, we’ll stay with “Stuff.” After several months of disappointment of knowing my family and I lived on an “acronym” street – it dawned on me. Our profession is all about “Making Stuff Happen.” It’s what we do. Remove the clutter of excess methodology, management fades of the year and worn-out cliché and acronyms – we make stuff happen says it quite well.

It also helps to keep project managers’ egos grounded (then again, managing a project is usually sufficient for that). When we taste the  elixir of executive power, when we touch the sky on the “big project,” when visions of upward mobility greet us at our office (OK cubicle) – it’s important to remember we are the ones counted on to make stuff happen.  That’s how leaders, executives and directors in our organizations tend to view project management.

Go MAke Stuff HAppen today!