Request For Proposal

Posted on July 24, 2010 by


A Request For Proposal (RFP)  is a common way to select for a vendor based solution or product.  They are used when what is needed can be identified and described, but a detailed step by step method may not be known.  RFP’s may result in a fixed bid or cost plus performance contract awarded to upon RFP submission and selection of a vendor (seller) or upon submission, selection and negotiation.

Best Practices – two keys:

  1. For RFP creation and vendor selection, it is best practice to focus on the “what” and not jump into the “how”. If how a solution should be delivered is known, than a Request For Quotation is the better tool.
  2. Predetermine criteria and ranking for vendor selection prior to scoring prospective vendors.  Never change the scoring mid-stream.  Changing up scoring can lead to bias “well Red Hot Tomato had a good proposal but wow, did you see what Mild Chilly Peppers did?” often leads to a bad selection.