Who Are the Project Makers?

Posted on May 7, 2010 by


There’s Project Managers and then there are Project Makers. These are people who do more than manage a project that has been assigned to them. A Project Maker has even more responsibility from beginning to end for the successful outcome of a project than does a Project Manager. Wideman’s Comparative Glossary states that a Project Maker’s responsibilities include public relations as well as political, economical, and technical considerations (http://maxwideman.com/pmglossary/PMG_P12.htm). One can expect to find Project Makers more often in projectized or smaller organizations. For example, Courtney is starting a sweet corn project in which she and her family will be growing sweet corn to sell at a stand on their farm. She does the background research; estimates how profitable the project will be; buys the seed; oversees the planting, weeding, and harvesting; places ads in local papers; paints wooden signs advertising the price of her fresh sweet corn for local traffic to see; and makes sure that someone is attending the stand during the advertised hours they are open. In every way, Courtney is responsible for the success of this little project and is therefore a Project Maker.