Risk Treatment

Posted on May 4, 2010 by


Selecting how to respond to specific risks is called Risk Treatment. This may also include writing a plan and actually implementing these responses. Risk Treatment is not a term found in the fourth-edition PMBOK® but the concept is there nonetheless. The PMBOK’s Plan Risk Responses process is where one selects how to respond to individual risks. The broad choices are transfer, avoidance, mitigate, and accept for negative risks, and exploit, enhance, share, and accept for positive risks. The resulting decisions of Risk Treatment may be written in a Risk Treatment Plan. The PMBOK does not use this term either, but rather has the risk responses added to the Risk Register and various other documents updated as necessary. To learn more, please see the earlier postings of “Plan Risk Responses Process” posted 04.09.09, “Positive Risk Strategies” posted 04.01.09, “Negative Risk Strategies” posted 03.31.09, and “Risk Register” posted 03.27.09.