Putnam Model

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Software Estimating - when is it due? Oh yea, now!

Earlier postings described PROBE and COCOMO (“PROBE” posted April 14, 2010 and “COCOMO” posted April 15, 2010) which are two techniques for making software project estimates. The Putnam Model is yet another technique that can be employed in the project planning stages to estimate the time and effort of a proposed software project. It is best applied to large projects. The Putnam Model was developed by Lawrence H. Putnam and he named his commercially available tools based on the model “SLIM” which stands for Software Lifecycle Management.

In order to calculate effort, these equations account for the overall size of the product and project, the allotted scheduled time, and the productivity of the team. Putnam’s company, QSM (http://www.qsm.com/), sells tools not only to make estimates for future projects, but to track current projects and analyze past projects.