Award Letter

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Paul and Paula have four children. Their youngest child is turning five years old and they don’t have time to put together a birthday party. They decide to see if any of their three teen-aged children (Peter, Patty, and Patricia) would be interested in organizing a party. Paul gives each of the three teenagers a Request for Proposal (RFP) in which he asks how they would organize the party and what the cost would be. Peter writes a proposal for a dinosaur-themed party at the house that would cost $200. Patty writes a proposal to take the party-attendees out for pizza and then to the zoo which would cost $150. Patricia submits a proposal for a sleep-over at the house with a homemade dinner and birthday cake that would cost $50. Paul and Paula read the proposals and decide they like Patty’s idea best, so Paula leaves a written note for Patty stating that they have accepted her offer and to please proceed with planning the birthday party. This written note is an example of an Award Letter. It is a written notice that an offer has been accepted. Project Managers working with procurement should be familiar with this particular document.