Opportunity Fairness and the PMI Code of Ethics

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Who will get that great, new opportunity within your organization? Perhaps the daughter of the top salesman, or the young lady that was in the same sorority as the CEO? The fourth aspirational Fairness standard in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is “4.2.4 We make opportunities equally available to qualified candidates.” Not everyone has the needed qualifications, so opportunities should not be equally available to unqualified candidates. But the pool of equally qualified candidates should all have the same opportunity. Some people deliberately use their position of power to show favoritism, but what is difficult about this standard is that someone can have every intention of trying to do the right thing by “helping someone out” without realizing that it is precluding the opportunity for other individuals. This standard asks us to think through our actions to ensure that they are fair.

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