Transparency–The First Aspirational Fairness Standard in the PMI Code of Ethics

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Transparency—the light shines through so that everything is revealed and nothing is hidden. The first aspirational Fairness standard from the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is “4.2.1 We demonstrate transparency in our decision-making process.”

In our TAPUniversity Values, which is prominently displayed at our headquarters, our first value is that of Integrity, which specifically includes openness and transparency. Why have we placed transparency as part of Integrity? Because transparency greatly reduces not only the suspicion of dishonesty, but the temptation of dishonesty as well. When some things are kept secret, people quickly wonder what others are trying to hide. By being open about how and why a decision was made, it is easier for others to accept the decision. Also, if input is being sought, informing people of the decision to be made allows for them to share perspectives that may have been otherwise overlooked.

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