The Third Aspirational Honesty Standard in the PMI Code of Ethics

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Honesty is one of the four major values of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Like all four values, the honesty standards are divided into aspirational and mandatory standards. The third out of five aspirational honesty standards is “5.2.3 We provide accurate information in a timely manner.”

In order to behave in an honest manner, the information we provide to others should be accurate to the best of our knowledge. Obviously this includes not deliberately falsifying data for any reason. But information can often be inaccurate due to careless mistakes, so one should take diligence in assuring that the information being communicated is reliable. Information should be carefully prepared, not sloppily thrown together at the last minute.

The last part of this standard refers to providing information in a timely manner, which is not as clearly related to honesty. It can be difficult to communicate bad news and easy to want to delay it. But it is dishonest to withhold information from people to which they are entitled. Also, if we have made a commitment to provide information regularly or timely as it becomes available, it is irresponsible, in addition to a form of dishonesty, not to honor that commitment.

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