Splittable and Non-Splittable Activities

Posted on January 25, 2010 by


A project schedule contains sequences of activities. Individual activities may be considered either splittable or non-splittable. A splittable activity may be easily interrupted and resumed later. However, a non-splittable activity needs to be finished once it has begun without any interruptions. For example, a teacher may have a stack of papers to grade. Part of the papers could easily be graded now, and the rest of the papers could be graded later. So this is a splittable activity. If someone places a pan of brownies in the oven, the brownies need to stay in there until they are done baking. They won’t turn out so well if one tries to bake them ten minutes today, stop, and then bake them ten more minutes tomorrow. So baking the brownies is a non-splittable activity. Whether an activity is splittable or not is good to know as the splittable activities offer more flexibility as the schedule activities are executed.