Change Requests in the Fourth Edition PMBOK®

Posted on January 5, 2010 by


In many ways, the fourth edition PMBOK has simplified its project management processes. In the third edition, processes could have preventive actions, defect repairs, corrective actions, and requested changes. Now these are all considered simply Change Requests. It is a generic term indicating that some type of course alteration is being called for. They can increase or decrease the project scope, and apply to anything from plans, policies, procedures, timelines, or budgets.

Change Requests are an output of fifteen project management processes: Plan Procurements, Direct and Manage Project Execution, Perform Quality Assurance, Manage Project Team, Manage Stakeholder Expectations, Conduct Procurements, Monitor and Control Project Work, Verify Scope, Control Scope, Control Schedule, Control Costs, Perform Quality Control, Report Performance, Monitor and Control Risks, and Administer Procurements.

Change Requests all go through the Perform Integrated Change Control process, so this is the only process for which they are an input rather than output. If through this process the Change Request is approved, the Approved Change Request may specifically become an input to three processes: Administer Procurements, Perform Quality Control and Direct and Manage Project Execution.