Project Management in the Home

Posted on December 23, 2009 by


It is always an added bonus when the skills of your profession can benefit your personal life as well. For example, being in the medical field can be helpful when you have a sick child and having a plumbing background can be useful when the kitchen sink starts to leak. Project Managers, how have your project management skills helped you in your everyday life? The time that I drew the most on every ounce of project management skill that I had was not at work, but for planning a wedding in a relatively short time. The activity dependencies (I need to know how many guests are coming so I can finalize catering arrangements), vendor decisions (which reception locations are available on which dates?), many internal deadlines (I need the location finalized by a certain date so I can order invitations and get them sent out at the proper time), and risk planning (the wedding is outside—what if it rains?) required careful planning, organization, flexibility, and adherence to the project schedule. I find that even with tiny projects such as preparing a meal for guests, project management has creeped into my thinking as I imagine a little schedule network diagram indicating the time that this dish should be placed into the oven and when I should start gathering ingredients for that dish. Project Managers (and other professionals) please share with us your stories of how your professional skills have helped you in your home.