User Stories

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Ah yes, the joy of a test!

The User Stories technique is one of 34 techniques described in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®). Business Analysts may use this technique to get a general understanding of the functionality that stakeholders want in a solution and why this functionality is important. User Stories are a brief, textual description that consists of three things: an Actor, Description, and Benefit. The Actor represents the stakeholders who will benefit from the described functionality. The Description is a high-level explanation of the desired functionality; and the Benefit is the business value that the desired functionality will deliver.

Here’s an example of a User Story: “the five of us in the testing department are tired of scoring tests by hand. If we had software that could score the tests, it would save us a lot of time and it would be more accurate.” The Actor is “the five of us in the testing department,” the Description is “software that could score the tests,” and the Benefit is “save us a lot of time and it would be more accurate.”