Hammock Activity

Posted on December 2, 2009 by


A Hammock Activity describes an activity type in project management scheduling. It is an activity (or an aggregate of activities summarized as one activity) that spans between two points in a schedule. Having no set duration of its own, its duration is derived from the difference in time between these two points in the schedule. It hangs between these two points as a hammock may hang between two trees. For example, activity “A” ends on day 3 and activity “C” begins on day 10 and there is a set of activities that are summarized as activity “B” (the hammock activity) that must be done between activity “A” and activity “C.” Activity “B” doesn’t have a specific duration—it has the duration of the time between day 3 and day 10. If activity “A” takes longer than expected and ends on day 4, then the duration of activity “B” is now the duration of time between day 4 and day 10.