NQM One Month Later

Posted on November 23, 2009 by


As I was reading about Six Sigma I ran into an unfamiliar acronym—NQM. I found that it stands for National Quality Month. I was curious about which month it was and hoped that it would be this month so I could write something well-timed to commemorate it. But it isn’t—NQM is October, so I just missed it. The recognition of October as NQM was promoted by the ASQ (American Society for Quality www.asq.org) and recognized by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. For those involved in quality efforts or managing them, it is a good time to provide some recognition to quality achievements and promote quality efforts.

I became curious about other national months that were unknown to me, and I learned there are many, such as: Chocolate Lover’s Month (February), Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month (February), National Salsa Month (May), National Vehicle Theft Protection Month (July), National Water Quality Month (August), National Tumor Awareness Month (September), National Toilet Tank Repair Month (September), and Pants Awareness Month (December).

To my delight I discovered that this month, November, is National National Month Awareness Month. So even though it is a month too late to recognize and promote quality for NQM, it is the right month to become aware of which month is NQM! So here are some additional things for which November is the official month: National Stamp Collecting Month, Vegan Awareness Month, Aviation Month, and National Red Ribbon Month. Happy National National Month Awareness Month everyone!

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