Exercise – Brain Connection: Core and Pillar Strength Training @ coachdavek.com

Posted on November 19, 2009 by


Greetings all!

Laura continues to provide exceptional content across project management, business analysis and six sigma.  Please let us know what topics in those areas would help you the most!  We’re well over 200 postings now.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing about the Exercise – Brain Connection.  It does pay dividends on your work performance and certification exam success!  As I’ve dug deeper it’s made sense to separate that into a different blog.  So please check out www.coachdavek.com .  Today I shared about a weak area for me – core and pillar strength.  Please follow that blog as well!

I will be continuing a practice oriented thread on consulting tips and techniques.  Look forward to those and again, please share your opinions!

David Kohrell