SIPOC Analysis

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A SIPOC Analysis is a Lean Six Sigma tool that enables better understanding of a process. To perform a SIPOC analysis, make five columns on paper or your computer and label them Supplier(s), Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customer(s).

It is easy to become too detailed, so be sure to write information about the process using the level of detail that is useful to you. It is easiest to start filling the Output and Customer(s) columns first, and then work backwards on the previous columns. For example, for the process of creating an online course, the Customer(s) may be the online instructors and students. The Outputs may be the online course itself and a companion guide for instructors. The Outputs can be products, information, or services. The major steps of creating the online course are written from top to bottom in the Process column. The Inputs could be both materials, such as textbooks and a computer, and information, such as instructions from the academic dean. The Supplier(s) provide these inputs. The dean could provide information and a textbook company may provide the textbook. It is valuable to obtain feedback from those who are familiar with the process before you construct your final version as they may notice missing information or inaccuracies.

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