What is a Green Belt?

Posted on October 21, 2009 by


Six Sigma differentiates people’s level of expertise in Six Sigma using the belt system. Supposedly this originated from a Motorola employee who had an affinity for karate. Be aware that different organizations and authors use slightly different definitions. Some organizations may only recognize a Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. Others also recognize the White Belt and Yellow Belt. A Green Belt has practice using Six Sigma tools and may lead a Six Sigma project. TAPUniversity’s Green Belt program is either a two-day seminar or a four-week online course. White and Yellow Belts have less exposure to Six Sigma than a Green Belt. A White Belt may simply have some awareness training and a Yellow Belt may have some practice with the tools, but neither has led a Six Sigma project. Black Belts are the core of a Six Sigma program. They have been well-trained, typically several weeks at a minimum, and often work full-time on Six Sigma projects. A Master Black Belt is an individual who is able to train Black Belts and has some rarely needed skills that are unnecessary for Black Belts.