Business Analysis Performance Assessment

Posted on October 15, 2009 by


The Business Analysis Performance Assessment document indicates how well the business analysis activities are being performed during a project. It is created as part of the BABOK®’s Manage Business Analysis Performance task which also plans how the performance of business analysis activities will be measured and reported. The Business Analysis Performance Assessment should contain a comparison of the plan to actual performance. This is the heart of Variance Analysis, which examines differences between planned performance and reality and suggests how to make reality consistent with the plan when the work is not meeting expectations. Root Cause Analysis examines the underlying reasons for a problem that is preventing performance from being consistent with planned performance.

Here is a simplified example of a Business Analysis Performance Assessment. “Carl has a total of 10 engineers to individually interview for purposes of requirements elicitation for our car re-design project. The deadline for the interviews is next week and at this point only four engineers have been interviewed and one additional interview is scheduled. The SPI is .80. After gathering some information on Carl’s schedule, it appears that he has a tremendous number of hours committed to another project. It is suggested that we do resource leveling and recruit another member of the team to perform at least three of the remaining interviews.”