Business Analysis Communication Plan

Posted on October 14, 2009 by


Effective communication among team members and other stakeholders is critical for project success. Specifically planning how communication will occur concerning the business analysis component of a project is outlined in the Business Analysis Communication Plan. This document is created through the BABOK®’s Plan Business Analysis Communication task. The Business Analysis Communication Plan describes the requirements for communication; the format, content, medium, and level of detail for communications; and names who is responsible for the various communication duties. When planning communication, take into account how co-located versus dispersed the stakeholders are. Is it possible to have quick meetings or to stop by someone’s office? Or are stakeholders scattered throughout the world making in-person meetings not possible? Another element to consider is the stakeholders’ backgrounds. Are there language barriers or the potential for cultural misunderstandings? Determine how frequently communications need to occur and how formal they should be. A small team may be able to have quick conversations in the lunch room, whereas a large team may necessitate more carefully written documents dispersed to the group. What communication mediums work best for the team? Does everyone have frequent email access and a fax machine? Do certain stakeholders strongly prefer conversations and dislike writing?

Also document the level of detail for communications. Perhaps a weekly email update should be no more than a paragraph for the sponsor and much more detailed for those developing the solution. The nature of the project itself also needs to be considered. A ground-breaking project will likely require more communication than a routine project that team members have done previously. All this should be documented in the Business Analysis Communication Plan so that everyone is clear on how communication will be handled.