Business Analysis Plans

Posted on October 12, 2009 by


The Business Analysis Plan is the roadmap that guides all later business analysis tasks. It describes the scope of the work, which may include a Work Breakdown Structure, and it may contain an Activity List with estimates for these activities. How this plan may be altered during the course of the project should also be stated.

The Business Analysis Plan is developed as part of the BABOK®’s Plan Business Analysis Activities task. The inputs for this task are: Business Analysis Approach; Business Analysis Performance Assessment; Organizational Process Assets; and Stakeholder List, Roles, and Responsibilities. The task contains four elements beginning with a consideration of the geographic location of the stakeholders which can be found in the Stakeholder List, Roles, and Responsibilities document. If stakeholders are co-located (at the same location), in-person requirements workshops may be useful, whereas if they are dispersed (in multiple locations), there may need to be increased reliance on conference calls and phone interviews.  The second element of the Plan Business Analysis Activities task is determining the type of project. Is this a feasibility study? Process improvement? The next element is listing the deliverables specifically for the business analysis aspect of the project such as a Requirements Package. Lastly, the appropriate business analysis activities are chosen and described in the Business Analysis Plan.