Stakeholder List, Roles, and Responsibilities

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Part of working successfully on a project is understanding who has an interest in the project. These stakeholders may have a positive or negative influence over the project, or simply have an interest or concern over the project. The Stakeholder List, Roles, and Responsibilities document is an output of the BABOK®’s Conduct Stakeholder Analysis task. This document includes information about the stakeholders relevant to a specific project. According to the BABOK, this document may contain: List of required roles, Names and titles of stakeholders, Category of stakeholder, Location of stakeholders, Special needs, Number of individuals in this stakeholder role, Description of stakeholder influence and interest, and Documentation of stakeholder authority levels.

Here is an example from Katy’s project of making cookies for a local bake sale. The stakeholder described here is her daughter who will be helping bake the cookies.

Required Role: Sous Chef

Name and title: Karen Cook, Sous Chef

Category of stakeholder: Represents two other constituents (her brother and sister)

Location of stakeholder: Resides in the same house

Special needs: She needs help in taking cookies out of a hot oven

Number of individuals in role: 1

Description of stakeholder influence and interest: She has little influence on this project, but her opinions are welcomed. She has high interest in this project as she will be receiving some of the profits from the bake sale.

Stakeholder authority levels: She has the authority to request changes. She has limited authority over her brother and sister to ask for help in doing the dishes.