Configuration Management

Posted on September 23, 2009 by


It can be assumed that there will be some changes, however minor, made to a project’s original plans. The PMBOK®’s Perform Integrated Change Control process handles change requests throughout a project. The Configuration Management System is a set of formal procedures that is indirectly an input into this process, but listed as a tool in the PMBOK®’s glossary. There are three configuration management activities to understand: Configuration Identification, Configuration Status Accounting, and Configuration Verification and Audit.

Configuration Identification identifies the attributes of the product and creates a baseline. Any desired changes to this baseline necessitate formal configuration control processes.

Configuration Status Accounting records information about the baseline for a configuration item and reports information about it such as its status on proposed changes.

Configuration Verification and Audit checks that the performance of the configuration item is correct and the requirements have been correctly implemented.