Professional Ethics for Project Managers

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Members of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and those who simply hold a certification from PMI have agreed to follow the profession’s code of ethics. For those seeking their Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification, ethics questions will be a significant section of their exam. The ethics code has four values at its foundation that were chosen based on feedback from practitioners—responsibility, respect, fairness, and honesty.

Each of these four values contains both aspirational and mandatory conduct. Aspirational conduct tends to be an abstract ideal that is not easily measured, whereas mandatory conduct consists of concrete rules that must be followed. For example, for the value Respect, one of the aspirational types of conduct is “We listen to others’ points of view, seeking to understand them”; and a mandatory conduct is “We negotiate in good faith.”

The entire Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct can be found on PMI’s website at

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