Facilitated Workshops

Posted on August 14, 2009 by


A Facilitated Workshop is one of the most effective methods of requirements elicitation. Key stakeholders meet together in a focused session, usually lasting one to several days, to define the requirements for a product. They may be originating new ideas for requirements, reviewing existing requirements, or trying to reach agreement on conflicting requirements. Bringing together the stakeholders who are defining the requirements rather than meeting with them individually increases efficiency and allows discussion. The event is kept focused by a facilitator and a scribe takes notes throughout the session. Afterward, the documented requirements are presented to the attendees.

Facilitated Workshops are also called Requirements Workshops and Elicitation Workshops. It’s a tool and technique of both the fourth edition PMBOK®’s Collect Requirements process and Define Scope process. Also see the earlier postings of Collect Requirements Process (posted February 24, 2009) and Define Scope Process (posted February 25, 2009).