Stakeholder Analysis

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The tool of Stakeholder Analysis examines the interests, expectations, and influences of a project’s stakeholders. It is a tool and


Classic stakeholder tale!

technique of the fourth edition PMBOK®’s Identify Stakeholders process and it is the purpose of the BABOK®’s Conduct Stakeholder Analysis process.

First, the stakeholders need to be identified and important information about the documented, such as their role, department, interests, knowledge, expectations of the project, and level of influence. Which stakeholders are enthusiastic supporters versus which ones are negative stakeholders who prefer that the project fail? Often questioning the most obvious stakeholders about who else might be a stakeholder is a useful way to expand the stakeholder list. Missing a key stakeholder can cause a significant amount of problems later on in the project. When there is a large number of stakeholders, they may be grouped by geographical location, how many people a stakeholder represents, etc. Next, stakeholders are classified in a way that is useful to the project, such as making a stakeholder map of a matrix containing some combination of their influence, impact, interest, and power or an onion map. Lastly, hypotheses are made as to how these groups of stakeholders will react so that they can be influenced for the overall success of the project.

Here is an example—Kevin is a teenager who is trying to convince his family that their annual summer vacation should be to a car race. He has made a stakeholder map on which he has placed his family members—examining their level of influence over where they take a vacation as well as how much interest they have in where they end up going. As the matrix shows, Baby Sister really has no power over where the family takes a vacation, and she doesn’t care where they go either.  Mom and Dad have the real power (although Older Brother does have some influence), and Mom is less interested than Dad in where they decide to go. Little Brother cares the most where they go, but he has very little influence on the decision. Also see the earlier postings of Identify Stakeholders Process (posted February 19, 2009), Stakeholder Register (posted July 9, 2009), Stakeholder Management Strategy (posted June 16, 2009), and Project Stakeholders (February 13, 2009).

Stakeholder Map for Kevin's Vacation

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