Requirements Management Plan

Posted on August 4, 2009 by


The Requirements Management Plan, a subsidiary of the Project Management Plan, describes how requirements will be “analyzed, documented, and managed throughout the project” (Project Management Institute’s fourth edition PMBOK®). This document is created through the Collect Requirements process, which has just been introduced in the fourth edition PMBOK. This process concerns business analysis activities, and may be performed by a business analyst if one is on the project team. The Requirements Management Plan can incorporate a number of things, such as how the requirements activities will be planned, tracked, and reported; how configuration management will be handled; the process for prioritizing requirements; product metrics and the reason the metrics were chosen; and which attributes will be included on the traceability matrix. The Requirements Management Plan is similar to the International Institute of Business Analysis’s (IIBA) Business Analysis Plan and Requirements Management Plan. Also see the earlier posting of Collect Requirements Process (posted February 24, 2009).