Issue Log

Posted on July 27, 2009 by


The Issue Log is a project document (not part of the Project Management Plan) described in the fourth edition PMBOK® whose purpose is to record and monitor issues. It is a tool of the PMBOK’s Manage Project Team process and an input to the Manage Stakeholder Expectations process. Note that one is a Human Resource knowledge area process and the other is a Communication knowledge area process, so the issues of concern in this case focus on human interaction and communication, not on all the technical project problems. Although the issues themselves can seem minor, unresolved problems have the potential to cause schedule delays and other detrimental effects. The Issue Log should assist in communicating the issue to the project team. A template is useful in which columns represent for each issue who is responsible for resolving the issue, the urgency of the problem, the potential impact of the problem, and the target date for resolution—along with any other information useful to the project management team.