Stakeholder Register

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Does it ever feel like your stakeholders belong on a pirate ship?

The Stakeholder Registry is a project management document that has the list of stakeholders and relevant information about them. It is developed through the fourth edition PMBOK®’s Identify Stakeholders process which first discovers the people and organizations that are impacted by the project, and secondly, documents relevant information about them. This information can be placed into three categories—identification, assessment, and stakeholder classification. Identification information includes name, role, place and contact information. Assessment information includes stakeholders’ requirements, expectations, and influence on the project.

The classification of stakeholders could be whether they belong to the performing organization, whether they are supporters of the project, and any other useful categorization. The Stakeholder Register then serves as an input to five other processes: Collect Requirements, Plan Quality, Plan Communications, Manage Stakeholder Expectations, and Identify Risks. Also see the earlier posting of Project Stakeholders (posted February 13, 2009) and Identify Stakeholders (posted February 19, 2009).