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The technique of inspection is an examination to assure that work meets the required standards. In project management, this is most closely related to quality inspections, procurement inspections, and the final inspection of deliverables.

Inspection is a technique of the fourth edition PMBOK®’s Perform Quality Control process. Although prevention is preferred over inspection, inspection is part of the Appraisal Costs of the Cost of Conformance. If a project involves a contract, the buyer should examine the work while it is being performed to assure that it is being performed as agreed. For this reason, Inspections and Audits is a tool of the Administer Procurements process. When completing a project, there should be a final inspection of the deliverables. This is the purpose of the Verify Scope process, and inspection is its only technique. At this point, the deliverables are reviewed with the customer or sponsor. The work should be measured, examined and/or verified to determine whether it meets the project requirements. This may also be called reviews, walk-throughs, product reviews, or audits.