Quality Management Plan

Posted on June 10, 2009 by


The Quality Management Plan outlines how selected quality policies will be implemented for a certain project. It’s part of the Project Management Plan. The Plan Quality process described in the fourth edition PMBOK® decides which quality requirements and standards should apply to the project and then develops the Quality Management Plan to assure compliance with them. The formality and level of detail of the plan varies across projects. The other two quality processes—Perform Quality Assurance and Perform Quality Control—are guided by this plan. Quality and Risk are closely tied together. The Quality Management Plan is used as an input to the Identify Risks process, because the approach to quality will increase or decrease overall risk. And when performing the Plan Risk Responses process, the plan may be updated to reflect changes in how risk will be addressed. In the course of doing the project work and monitoring its progress, the two processes Direct and Manage Project Execution and Monitor and Control Project Work, can additionally lead to revisions to the Quality Management Plan. Also see the earlier posting of Plan Quality Process (posted March 19, 2009).