Perform Integrated Change Control Process

Posted on June 1, 2009 by


The Perform Integrated Change Control process is one of the 42 project management processes described in the fourth edition PMBOK®. It’s one of the six Integration knowledge area processes, and one of the ten Monitoring and Controlling processes.

The primary purpose of this process is to review change requests, determine whether to approve them, and then manage the effects of those changes on the deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents, and project management plan. There are fifteen processes that have Change Requests as an output. These Change Requests then all become an input into the Perform Integrated Change Control process. In order to help determine whether changes should be approved, the Project Management Plan and Work Performance Information are used as additional information. The change control board convenes in Change Control Meetings to make the decision to approve or reject each change request. The primary output of the Integrated Change Control process is Change Request Status Updates, meaning that these discussed Change Requests are now approved or rejected. Because of these changes, updates may need to be made to the Project Management Plan and Project Documents. If a Change Request is approved, this Approved Change Request may be an input into these three processes: Direct and Manage Project Execution, Perform Quality Control, and Administer Procurements. Also see Change Requests (posted May 11, 2009).