Project Scope Statement

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The Project Scope Statement is a major project document that is produced through the fourth edition PMBOK®’s Define Scope process. The Project Scope Statement contains the project’s deliverables and required work in detailed statements. It includes the Product Scope Description, Product Acceptance Criteria, Project Deliverables, Project Exclusions, and Project Constraints. For example, Katy’s project is to bake a dozen cookies for her neighbor. One dozen round chocolate chip cookies that are three inches in diameter is the Product Scope Description. If the neighbor deems them not burned, that is the Product Acceptance Criteria. The Deliverables are: one dozen cookies and a paper plate that they will be placed upon brought to the neighbor’s door. A Project Exclusion is that the recipe will not be provided. A Project Constraint is that the cookies must be delivered by 4:00pm this evening. Also see the Define Scope Process.