Activity List

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The Activity List is the primary output of the fourth edition PMBOK®’s Define Activities process. The Activity List is the complete list of the scheduled activities for a project. As it is used to help develop the project schedule and estimate needed resources, it serves as an input to the following processes: Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate Activity Durations, and Develop Schedule.

The Activity List is created through examining the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), WBS Dictionary, and Project Scope Statement, and making a list of specific activities. The WBS is a hierarchy of all the work that needs to be performed for a project. The lowest level of the WBS hierarchy is composed of work packages, and these are broken down into the specific activities that are included on the Activity List. For example, if a work package were “laundry,” the activities added to the list may include: Obtain laundry detergent, Sort laundry, Wash laundry, Dry laundry, Determine which laundry to iron, Iron laundry, Fold laundry, and Put laundry away. The Project Scope Statement serves as guidance to assure that the listed activities cover all the project work, but do not extend beyond the boundaries of the project. For example, the scope statement could state that ironing is not considered part of the laundry process. Activity Attributes is a companion document to the Activity List, just as the WBS Dictionary is a companion document to the WBS. The Activity Attributes document contains details on the listed activities such as who is responsible, which activities must come first, constraints and assumptions. For more on this topic, see Define Activities Process (posted March 3, 2009).