Manage Project Team Process

Posted on May 5, 2009 by


Manage Project Team is one of the 42 project management processes described in the fourth edition PMBOK®. It’s one of the three Human Resource knowledge area processes, and one of the eight Executing processes. The primary purpose of this process is to track an individual’s performance and provide them feedback. The list of team members can be found in the Project Staff Assignments document, and the Project Management Plan further outlines team members’ responsibilities. Performance Reports provide data indicating how well the project is being performed, whereas Team Performance Assessments are appraisals on how well the team itself is performing. It is possible for the team to be working quite effectively as a group, but due to circumstances beyond their control, the project itself is not going well. Project Performance Reports, which provide feedback to individual project members on their performance, are completed as part of this process. It is common for problems to arise among team members, and these can be handled using Conflict Management techniques and keeping track of problems in an Issue Log. The project management team can utilize their Interpersonal Skills and the tools of Observation and Conversation to facilitate a well-functioning team comprised of unique personalities and motives. The output of this process is the updating of documents in additional to generic change requests, which can include a request for a staffing change.