Project Charter

Posted on April 21, 2009 by


The Project Charter is the only output of the fourth edition PMBOK®’s Develop Project Charter process. The Project Charter is a key project management document. This document formally authorizes and initiates the project. Ideally, the project manager assigned within the document participates in creating it. Earlier editions of the PMBOK described the Project Charter as containing more detailed information than the standard describes today. Now the information tends to be high-level—which is logical, as this is the document that initiates the project. The information contained in the charter will be progressively elaborated upon as the smaller details of the project are later decided. Here is a list of what a Project Charter may contain: project purpose or justification, measurable project objectives and related success criteria, high-level requirements, high-level project description, high-level risks, summary milestone schedule, summary budget, project approval requirements, assigned project manager with their responsibility and authority level, and name and authority level of who is sponsoring the project. For more on this topic, see the earlier posting of Develop Project Charter Process (posted February 18, 2009).