Milestone List

Posted on March 30, 2009 by


A milestone is stone along a roadway carved with information for travelers such as how many more miles to the next town. Today, we see the common metal road signs and mile markers which serve the same purpose. They provide an indication to travelers on how close they are to their destination and which way they should go. Similarly, milestone lists are utilized in project management as an indication of progress through the achievement of a major project accomplishment. A project milestone is a significant project event or point in time.

Milestone lists are an output of the fourth edition PMBOK®’s Define Activities process and an input to the Sequence Activities process. The milestone list is considered a project document that is not part of the project management plan. The list contains all the project milestones along with information indicating whether they or not they are mandatory to achieve. Dates may be included that correspond with the milestones, which is especially useful for the Sequence Activities process and later scheduling.